Saturday, 14 February 2009

Worms in the Brain, The Most Dangerous Parasite for Human

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Possibly all of us ever heard worms coming out of our intestines, but worms in the brain? I never heard before. Worms in the brain is not a story from movie or best seller book, but it happens in real life!

Rosemary Alvarez a women from Arizona, got the shock in her life when her doctor told Rosemary that she had a brain tumor. After the operation, her doctor did not find any tumor but it's a worm feeding off on her brain cells!

The condition is known as neurocysticercosis (often misspelled as "neurocystisarcosis"), a common parasitic disease of the central nervous system. Varied clinical manifestations occur, due to deposition of larvae of the parasitic worm that is found in cerebral parenchyma, meninges, spinal cord, muscles, eyes and skin. The eggs of this parasitic worm is everywhere, like bathrooms, soil and even in food like raw pork. Many people have been diagnosed to have this disease already.

If you want to watch the video about worms in the brain click here. After read my post and watch the video, what do you think about it?share with us...

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Comments :

16 comments to “Worms in the Brain, The Most Dangerous Parasite for Human”

my gosh!! i never heard about that before. thanks for the information!

maxi said...

hehe..saya pikir worm komputer...
keep share..
morphost antivirus lokal

aaLiL said...

Gimana masuknya ya...
How can it be there??


Mampir Ngombe said...

euwww! how come a worm get into her brain..euww!

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

ngeri jg klo sampe masuk

RiP666 said...

wah parah ya itu

debrian said...

shocks, horrible

Imelda said...

@ maxi no problem maxi,I hope this post will be usefull for all of us
@ aalil mungkin aja masih ada hubungan saudara sama worm komputer he..he..
@ Mampi ngombe wah klo itu aq juga gak tau tuh,mendingan qta tanya ke dokter aja bang
@ Jeanne M.Wigoena Looks like we have same question about it
@ Rip666 bener banget bro,emank ngeri banget klo sampe' ada cacing di otak qta
@ Debrian Ya gtu dech
@ Imelda Be carefull if you eat pig,possibly it come from it

d3d3 said...

ternyata ga da hal yg mustahil di dunia ini yah...kecuali maut..


antique said...

hi friend was here today, checking on you and reading new posts here..hope you visit me back

benchiegrace said...

wedewwww..serem amat..koq bisa ya si worm itu masuk..

budiawanhutasoit said...

ya ampun,serem banget!

life choice said...

IwishIcan IwishIguess whataremyproblemsnext ......

nanda tzb said...

why brain?? emang enak gitu??

Frostmourne said...

antique -> bener banget sob,didunia ini emang gak ada yang mustahil.
benchiegrace -> thanks for reading my post, I will visit you back soon.
budiawanhutasoit -> aq juga gak tahu bang gimana cara masuknya.kita tanya orang yang lebih ahli aja ya???
life choice -> iya,emang serem banget
nanda tzb -> thanks for comment
Frostmourne -> waduh,aq belum pernah nyobain sob.jadinya gak tau deh enak apa enggak he..he..

d3d3 said...

PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!! im currently goin thru the tapeworms in my brain and no one believes me! WHY!! I had a chest x-rays nand it showed a large mass in my right lung and my CT and MRI showed 2 large masses in the bwhite matter of my brain!!! BUT NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING my head hurts all the time im always nauseas no appetite im always cold I don't sleep and I can smell my insides and I smell like BLOOD please anyone oh please help me

Anonymous said...

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